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Table Name Row Count
public_suffix_list 9112
robots_txt_lookup_history 292
geonames_country_info 252
robots_txt_lookup 10
tls_lookup 0
http_request 0
external_link 0
dns_resolution_history 0
maxmind_lookup_history 0
reverse_dns_lookup_history 0
whois_lookup_history 0
tls_lookup_history 0
http_request_history 0
external_link_history 0
majestic_million 0
majestic_million_history 0
public_suffix_list_history 0
dns_resolution 0
geonames_country_info_history 0
maxmind_lookup 0
reverse_dns_lookup 0
whois_lookup 0


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Table Catalog Table Name Column Name Data Type
companies2 public_suffix_list num_levels numeric
companies2 public_suffix_list last_checked text
companies2 public_suffix_list last_seen text
companies2 public_suffix_list status text
companies2 public_suffix_list suffix text
companies2 public_suffix_list tld text
companies2 public_suffix_list created timestamp with time zone
companies2 robots_txt_lookup_history field text
companies2 robots_txt_lookup_history host text
companies2 robots_txt_lookup_history new_value text
companies2 robots_txt_lookup_history old_value text
companies2 robots_txt_lookup_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 geonames_country_info area numeric
companies2 geonames_country_info geonameid numeric
companies2 geonames_country_info iso_numeric numeric
companies2 geonames_country_info population numeric
companies2 geonames_country_info capital text
companies2 geonames_country_info continent text
companies2 geonames_country_info country text
companies2 geonames_country_info currency_code text
companies2 geonames_country_info currency_name text
companies2 geonames_country_info equivalent_fips_code text
companies2 geonames_country_info fips text
companies2 geonames_country_info iso text
companies2 geonames_country_info iso3 text
companies2 geonames_country_info languages text
companies2 geonames_country_info last_checked text
companies2 geonames_country_info last_seen text
companies2 geonames_country_info neighbours text
companies2 geonames_country_info phone text
companies2 geonames_country_info postal_code_format text
companies2 geonames_country_info postal_code_regex text
companies2 geonames_country_info status text
companies2 geonames_country_info tld text
companies2 geonames_country_info created timestamp with time zone
companies2 robots_txt_lookup sitemaps ARRAY
companies2 robots_txt_lookup user_agents ARRAY
companies2 robots_txt_lookup duration interval
companies2 robots_txt_lookup error text
companies2 robots_txt_lookup host text
companies2 robots_txt_lookup status text
companies2 robots_txt_lookup created timestamp with time zone
companies2 robots_txt_lookup last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 robots_txt_lookup last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 dns_resolution asn_organizations ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution asns ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution cname ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution cname_domains ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution countries ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution ip_addresses ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution mx ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution mx_domains ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution ns ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution ns_domains ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution reverse_dns_lookup_domains ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution reverse_dns_lookups ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution txt ARRAY
companies2 dns_resolution a_duration interval
companies2 dns_resolution aaaa_duration interval
companies2 dns_resolution cname_duration interval
companies2 dns_resolution mx_duration interval
companies2 dns_resolution ns_duration interval
companies2 dns_resolution soa_duration interval
companies2 dns_resolution txt_duration interval
companies2 dns_resolution a_retries numeric
companies2 dns_resolution aaaa_retries numeric
companies2 dns_resolution cname_retries numeric
companies2 dns_resolution mx_retries numeric
companies2 dns_resolution ns_retries numeric
companies2 dns_resolution reverse_dns_retries numeric
companies2 dns_resolution soa_retries numeric
companies2 dns_resolution txt_retries numeric
companies2 dns_resolution dns_server text
companies2 dns_resolution error text
companies2 dns_resolution host text
companies2 dns_resolution soa_mname text
companies2 dns_resolution soa_mname_domain text
companies2 dns_resolution soa_rname text
companies2 dns_resolution soa_rname_domain text
companies2 dns_resolution status text
companies2 dns_resolution created timestamp with time zone
companies2 dns_resolution last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 dns_resolution last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 dns_resolution_history field text
companies2 dns_resolution_history host text
companies2 dns_resolution_history new_value text
companies2 dns_resolution_history old_value text
companies2 dns_resolution_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 external_link clients ARRAY
companies2 external_link external_link_matchable ARRAY
companies2 external_link error text
companies2 external_link from_anchor_text text
companies2 external_link from_domain text
companies2 external_link from_host text
companies2 external_link from_html text
companies2 external_link from_html_tag text
companies2 external_link from_port text
companies2 external_link from_scheme text
companies2 external_link from_subdomains text
companies2 external_link from_tag_attribute text
companies2 external_link from_tld text
companies2 external_link from_url text
companies2 external_link from_url_matchable text
companies2 external_link status text
companies2 external_link to_domain text
companies2 external_link to_host text
companies2 external_link to_port text
companies2 external_link to_scheme text
companies2 external_link to_subdomains text
companies2 external_link to_tld text
companies2 external_link to_url text
companies2 external_link to_url_matchable text
companies2 external_link created timestamp with time zone
companies2 external_link last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 external_link last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 external_link_history external_link_matchable text
companies2 external_link_history field text
companies2 external_link_history new_value text
companies2 external_link_history old_value text
companies2 external_link_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 geonames_country_info_history field text
companies2 geonames_country_info_history iso text
companies2 geonames_country_info_history new_value text
companies2 geonames_country_info_history old_value text
companies2 geonames_country_info_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 http_request http_request_matchable ARRAY
companies2 http_request redirect_response_headers_server ARRAY
companies2 http_request redirect_response_headers_via ARRAY
companies2 http_request redirect_response_headers_x_powered_by ARRAY
companies2 http_request redirects ARRAY
companies2 http_request body_download_duration interval
companies2 http_request connect_duration interval
companies2 http_request time_connect interval
companies2 http_request time_namelookup interval
companies2 http_request time_pretransfer interval
companies2 http_request time_redirect interval
companies2 http_request time_start_transfer interval
companies2 http_request time_total interval
companies2 http_request num_emails_seen numeric
companies2 http_request num_emails_seen2 numeric
companies2 http_request num_external_domains_seen numeric
companies2 http_request num_external_domains_seen2 numeric
companies2 http_request num_external_links_seen numeric
companies2 http_request num_external_links_seen2 numeric
companies2 http_request num_internal_links_seen numeric
companies2 http_request num_internal_links_seen2 numeric
companies2 http_request num_phones_seen numeric
companies2 http_request num_phones_seen2 numeric
companies2 http_request num_redirects numeric
companies2 http_request response_status numeric
companies2 http_request client text
companies2 http_request domain text
companies2 http_request error text
companies2 http_request file_type text
companies2 http_request from_external_ip text
companies2 http_request host text
companies2 http_request html_title text
companies2 http_request meta_generator text
companies2 http_request port text
companies2 http_request protocol text
companies2 http_request redirect_response_headers text
companies2 http_request resolved_domain text
companies2 http_request resolved_file_type text
companies2 http_request resolved_host text
companies2 http_request resolved_ip text
companies2 http_request resolved_port text
companies2 http_request resolved_scheme text
companies2 http_request resolved_tld text
companies2 http_request resolved_url text
companies2 http_request resolved_url_matchable text
companies2 http_request response_header_server text
companies2 http_request response_header_via text
companies2 http_request response_header_x_powered_by text
companies2 http_request response_headers text
companies2 http_request response_message text
companies2 http_request scheme text
companies2 http_request status text
companies2 http_request tld text
companies2 http_request url text
companies2 http_request url_matchable text
companies2 http_request created timestamp with time zone
companies2 http_request last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 http_request last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 http_request_history field text
companies2 http_request_history http_request_matchable text
companies2 http_request_history new_value text
companies2 http_request_history old_value text
companies2 http_request_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 majestic_million global_rank numeric
companies2 majestic_million prev_global_rank numeric
companies2 majestic_million prev_ref_ips numeric
companies2 majestic_million prev_ref_sub_nets numeric
companies2 majestic_million prev_tld_rank numeric
companies2 majestic_million ref_ips numeric
companies2 majestic_million ref_sub_nets numeric
companies2 majestic_million tld_rank numeric
companies2 majestic_million domain text
companies2 majestic_million domain_parsed text
companies2 majestic_million idn_domain text
companies2 majestic_million idn_tld text
companies2 majestic_million status text
companies2 majestic_million tld text
companies2 majestic_million created timestamp with time zone
companies2 majestic_million last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 majestic_million last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 majestic_million_history domain text
companies2 majestic_million_history field text
companies2 majestic_million_history new_value text
companies2 majestic_million_history old_value text
companies2 majestic_million_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 maxmind_lookup accuracy_radius numeric
companies2 maxmind_lookup asn numeric
companies2 maxmind_lookup asn_prefix_len numeric
companies2 maxmind_lookup city_geoname_id numeric
companies2 maxmind_lookup city_prefix_len numeric
companies2 maxmind_lookup country_prefix_len numeric
companies2 maxmind_lookup latitude numeric
companies2 maxmind_lookup longitude numeric
companies2 maxmind_lookup asn_organization text
companies2 maxmind_lookup city text
companies2 maxmind_lookup continent_code text
companies2 maxmind_lookup country text
companies2 maxmind_lookup error text
companies2 maxmind_lookup ip_address text
companies2 maxmind_lookup metro_code text
companies2 maxmind_lookup postal_code text
companies2 maxmind_lookup registered_country text
companies2 maxmind_lookup represented_country text
companies2 maxmind_lookup state text
companies2 maxmind_lookup status text
companies2 maxmind_lookup time_zone text
companies2 maxmind_lookup asn_last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 maxmind_lookup city_last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 maxmind_lookup country_last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 maxmind_lookup created timestamp with time zone
companies2 maxmind_lookup last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 maxmind_lookup last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 maxmind_lookup_history field text
companies2 maxmind_lookup_history ip_address text
companies2 maxmind_lookup_history new_value text
companies2 maxmind_lookup_history old_value text
companies2 maxmind_lookup_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 public_suffix_list_history field text
companies2 public_suffix_list_history new_value text
companies2 public_suffix_list_history old_value text
companies2 public_suffix_list_history suffix text
companies2 public_suffix_list_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup domains ARRAY
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup hosts ARRAY
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup duration interval
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup num_retries numeric
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup dns_server text
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup error text
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup ip_address text
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup status text
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup created timestamp with time zone
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup_history field text
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup_history ip_address text
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup_history new_value text
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup_history old_value text
companies2 reverse_dns_lookup_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 tls_lookup dns_domains ARRAY
companies2 tls_lookup dns_names ARRAY
companies2 tls_lookup duration interval
companies2 tls_lookup business_categorization text
companies2 tls_lookup city text
companies2 tls_lookup country text
companies2 tls_lookup error text
companies2 tls_lookup host text
companies2 tls_lookup issuer_country text
companies2 tls_lookup issuer_organization text
companies2 tls_lookup organization text
companies2 tls_lookup state text
companies2 tls_lookup status text
companies2 tls_lookup created timestamp with time zone
companies2 tls_lookup end_date timestamp with time zone
companies2 tls_lookup last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 tls_lookup last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 tls_lookup start_date timestamp with time zone
companies2 tls_lookup_history field text
companies2 tls_lookup_history host text
companies2 tls_lookup_history new_value text
companies2 tls_lookup_history old_value text
companies2 tls_lookup_history created timestamp with time zone
companies2 whois_lookup duration interval
companies2 whois_lookup admin_city text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_country text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_email text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_fax text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_fax_ext text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_name text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_organization text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_phone text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_phone_ext text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_postal_code text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_state_province text
companies2 whois_lookup admin_street text
companies2 whois_lookup dnssec text
companies2 whois_lookup domain text
companies2 whois_lookup error text
companies2 whois_lookup name_server text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_city text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_country text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_email text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_fax text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_fax_ext text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_name text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_organization text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_phone text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_phone_ext text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_postal_code text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_state_province text
companies2 whois_lookup registrant_street text
companies2 whois_lookup registrar text
companies2 whois_lookup registrar_abuse_contact_email text
companies2 whois_lookup registrar_abuse_contact_phone text
companies2 whois_lookup registrar_server text
companies2 whois_lookup registrar_url text
companies2 whois_lookup registrar_whois_server text
companies2 whois_lookup registry_admin_id text
companies2 whois_lookup registry_domain_id text
companies2 whois_lookup registry_registrant_id text
companies2 whois_lookup registry_tech_id text
companies2 whois_lookup sponsoring_registrar_iana_id text
companies2 whois_lookup status text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_city text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_country text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_email text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_fax text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_fax_ext text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_name text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_organization text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_phone text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_phone_ext text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_postal_code text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_state_province text
companies2 whois_lookup tech_street text
companies2 whois_lookup created timestamp with time zone
companies2 whois_lookup creation_date timestamp with time zone
companies2 whois_lookup last_checked timestamp with time zone
companies2 whois_lookup last_seen timestamp with time zone
companies2 whois_lookup registry_expiry_date timestamp with time zone
companies2 whois_lookup updated_date timestamp with time zone
companies2 whois_lookup_history domain text
companies2 whois_lookup_history field text
companies2 whois_lookup_history new_value text
companies2 whois_lookup_history old_value text
companies2 whois_lookup_history created timestamp with time zone